Learning how to code

Learning how to code

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Learning has always been a fascinating journey for all of us. Let's be honest, we know that programming is hard and challenging to learn, but we also know that it is very rewarding as well. Where you start and what you learn today, can greatly impact your learning journey.

Whether you want to be a programmer or a web developer or you want to better understand how programming works, learning the fundamentals of programming would be always beneficial.

Here you can learn the basics of programming which will help you to write your own code. If some of these articles and code examples can help you become a better and efficient programmer, then our mission is accomplished.

Secret Formula

Quality of your creation is measured by this simple formula:

quality formula


  • K - is the knowledge
  • P - is the practice
  • T - is the talent

When you have the right Knowledge and a good amount of Practice, then Talent becomes unimportant. Why? Because you can easily win a chess game with the most talented Olympic champion who lacks the knowledge and the practice in chess.

What we offer#

Here you can find articles, snippets and explanations of various aspects of programming concepts, algorithms, code fragments, etc.

Our goal is to provide that information as short and as clear as possible.

"Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication."
— Leonardo da Vinci

What you need#

Patience, and lots of it! No matter how complicated the concept, logic or code is, if you are patient and practice frequently, eventually you'll win.

Be result-oriented and always try to finish what you have started.

"Make it (code) work, then make it pretty"— Unknown

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